How do I wash my Sunday Certified headband?

Your Sunday Certified Headband is just like high end fashion and needs to be maintained as such. All Sunday Certified pieces are made with quality materials from scratch. Because our headgear is handmade and incorporates aspects such as embroidery and hand painted art, we suggest that you always hand-wash.
Recommended Regimen:
1.) Presoak headband in the sink with warm water and soap. We prefer to use a scented laundry detergent or a natural dish soap.
2.) Let headband soak for 15-30 minutes and come back to it.
3.) Work the headband around with your hands to clean off any excess paint or stains. (If it is really dirty, you can use a soft bristle toothbrush.)
4.) Drain water and soap.
5.) Run headband under cold water to remove all the soap from the headband.
6.) Roll up the headband from tail to tail keeping the fabric flat and even, and squeeze out excess water.
7.) to avoid any damage or stretching of the fabric, make sure not to twist when ringing out excess water.
8.) For best results, stretch out headband by holding both tails and pulling tight. This helps the headband maintain its OG shape, and prevents any permanent wrinkling from setting in over time.
9.) Lay your headband out flat to dry.
*Following this aftercare regimen will help ensure the longevity of your headgear.*